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Thursday September 14............. 10:00 PM ET UPDATE: Stacy Keibler, aka Miss Hancock, revelaed tonight on the WCW internet program WCW Live, that she has been approached by Penthouse magazine. She does not intend to pursue the offer at this time......The newly-constructed New Orleans Arena will host the WWF's Royal Rumble 2001....Vince Russo has made claims to the wrestlers that he has inside info that Eric Bischoff has made offers to buy the company..... WCW Thunder on TBS upped its rating by .2 from last week. The show earned a 2.6 last night..... TNN has begun advertising the WWF on its website, judge still has not made his decision public regarding the` lawsuit between the WWF and USA Networks...... New Jersey governor Christie Whitman is expected to sign a bill which would regulate "extreme wrestling" in the state. This would make it more difficult for promotions like Jersey All Pro to work gimmick matches..... This Mon on Nitro: Tank Sinatra, the mystery surrounding Stacy's baby continues and Sting gets a WCW title match against the Fall Brawl winner..... WCW Nitro and WWF Raw in the top 15 cable shows for the week of Sep 4-10. Nitro comes in at #7 and #13; Raw is at number 5 & 6.

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