Rob's Journal

Sunday afternoon, November 5...... Thirty-three years ago tomorrow, at around 3:00 in the afternoon, a young boy and his dad fumbled with the hoop antenna on the back of a 23-inch RCA black-and-white television set, looking for a test pattern. The familiar, long distress signal came through, and, a few minutes after 3, WUBC was born. A few of us remember Nov 6, 1967. It was a year of strife, racial tension, political intrigue, and WUBC, TV 48. Operating from a makeshift studio at 1015 Warehouse Street in Greensboro, the station was short-lived, as it faded away on a Saturday night in the spring of 1970. But for those of us young enough to remember The Kiddies Scene with Mr Green, Patty Duke, Sea Hunt, Dennis The Menace reruns and the always informative daily show, Questions, Answers and Opinions, November 6 will always be a special day. It was a day which brought my dad and I together, for the afternoon. Looking back, that was the most important thing.

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