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Wednesday September 13............. 7:30 PM ET UPDATE: ECW and the WWF still await the verdict of the judge regarding the fate of their programming later this month. Paul E has been in Los Angeles in negotiations with at least 2 networks.... This Sun night on WWF HeAT: Malenko d Crash. Lowdown d Kaientai. Tazz d Brooklyn Brawler. Lita d Ivory/Jackie....... Tomorrow night on WWF Smackdown: Foley promo. Acolytes d Kane/Benoit. RTC d 2 Cool/Phatu. T & A d HHH/Angle. Edge/Christian brawl with The Hardys. Blackman d Saturn. Edge/Christian/X-Pac d Hardys/C Jericho. Steven Regal promo. ME: The Dudleys d Rock/'Taker........ Dan Severn has dropped out of the upcoming NWA Title tournament in Tampa. Steve Corino dropped out earlier. Severn had a contract dispute with Semiphore Entertainment, directors of the UFC. Severn's replacement will be former WCW'er Jerry Flynn..... Tonight on Thunder: Jindrak/O'Haire d Disco/Tygress. Jarrett attacks Awesome. Kidman/Madusa d Douglas/Torrie. Tenay interviews Ric Flair. Kronic d Animals/Harris Brothers. Team Canada d Rection/Duggan. Nash/S Steiner NC Cat/Booker T. ME: Sting d Jarrett in a 2 of 3 falls match...... This weekend on WCW Worldwide: Kwee Wee, Cajun/AWOL, Sanders/Reno/Palumbo win 3 squash matches.

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