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Tuesday September 12............. The updates will be later this week due to auditions for Steel Magnolias, to be presented in November.....8:00 PM ET UPDATE.... Japanese star Hayabusa is in the states tonight, sitting ringside as a "guest" of WCW at the Thunder tapings....This weekend on WWF Jakked/Metal: Joe d Essa Rios. Crash d Gangrel. Lowdown d Kaientai.....Tickets go on sale Sept 18 for both ECW's November To Remember from Chicago and The Massacre on 34th Street from N.Y......WWF Raw over WCW Nitro last night, 5.8 to 3.2....Vince Mcahon on ABC's World News Tonight last night re: the marketability of the reports cancellations of upcoming shows in Des Moines, Omaha and Sioux City due to injuries on the roster..... ECW on TNN did a 1.0 this past Fri night.... WCW contacted Tully Blanchard about appearing at the "wedding" last night, but was unable to come to terms with him.....SKY TV in the UK insists that relations with the WWF are fine and has plans to run Unforgiven, live..... The Tazz tap-out to the corporation is an angle. Tazz has a future in the WWF...... Goldberg improvised the pull-apart last night in his battle with the handcuffs and the bus grill. In pulling the grill, he cut his hand.

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