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Monday September 11............ 11:05 PM ET UPDATE: Tonight on WWF Raw: Hardys d Dudleys. Lita retained the WWF Title, d Ivory. 2 Cool d E Guererro/Chyna. C Jericho d HHH by DQ. RTC d The Acolytes. Val Venis is now with the RTC. European champ Al Snow d Tazz. Kurt Angle NC T & A. Angle brawls with HHH. Hardore champ Steve Blackman d X-Pac. ME: Benoit/Kane d Rock/'Taker......... 10:00 PM ET UPDATE: Tonight on WCW Nitro: Animals retain the Tag Title, d Kronic. Reno d Big Vito. Kidman/Madusa brawl with Shane Douglas/Torrie Wilson. Jeff Jarrett d Miss Jones. Hacksaw Duggan retires. Gen. Rection d Lance Storm. David Flair's "wedding" interruted by policemen, who escort Ric Flair to jail for violating a restraining order placed on Flair by Vince Russo. "Ms. Hancock" leaves the ring and follows after Ric. "Doctor" proclaims Russo out with a concussion. Sting d The Harris Brothers. In a wedding restart, Stacy tells David he isn't the father, then leaves the arena. ME of Kevin Nash vs Scott Steiner completely breaks down, involving Goldberg, Booker and the Thrillaz as the 9 heels pound the 3 faces....... 4:30 PM ET UPDATE: Tonight on Nitro from Charlotte: David Flair "weds" Ms. Hancock, along with a world heavyweight match with Kevin Nash against Scott Steiner, with Booker T as the referee and Goldberg as the outside enforcer..... Jeff Jarrett interviewed on the John Boy and Billy Show about the Charlotte show tonight. He says look for Ric Flair to strip...insiders say that Ric will reveal himself to be the "father" of Ms Hancock's "baby."..... Tonight on WWF Raw, we may find out who "ran over" Steve Austin last November. Insiders are going with Vince McMahon..... WWF Smackdown is now seen in Russia; Canada's Sky TV is blocking the WWF ppv's due to content..... 12:00 AM ET UPDATE: Complete results from WCW Nitro and WWF Raw tonight here @

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