Rob's Journal

Tuesday Night, October 10..... It had been several months since I had been back to Rowan County. I used to travel to one-hour to get there every morning, to teach at South Rowan High. Since taking the job at East Forsyth, I rarely have the opportunity to go back. Today was different. I had looked forward to today. First of all, I would stop by South, then on to see the new Concord Mills Mall. It was a workday at South,so many people took the day off, as I had done. It was good to see some familiar faces and listen to them describe situations which must be universal to the teaching profession. By midmorning, my buddy Josh and I were trekking down I-85 towards Concord Mills. The mall, one year old, is quickly becoming known for its variety and expanse. After walking the shiny wooden floors two-times over and grabbing some lunch, I began to see the place as "Hanes Mall-meets The Bass Pro Shop and Saks Fifth Avenue." If you want a mall with everything or if you're looking for that special Christmas gift, then Concord Mills is the place to go. A very good day. Time to head home. But first, a quick trip to Salisbury Mall, where I saw Chelsea Childers. Salisbury Mall stays the same. I always look forward to stopping by the bookstore whenever I am there. I knew I had one more stop to make. Not really a stop; more like a detour....... I hoped that you would be there, not for me to see you, but for you to see me. You weren't. The sprinkler was going in the front yard; the white van in the back yard. The once-gravel walkway now paved. And the doors shut up, with no car in the driveway. I hoped you would be there. You weren't. And that's OK. A few questions: What would you do if everytime you fell in love you had to say goodbye?... What would you do if everytime you wanted someone, they would never be there?.... What would you do if you loved someone more than ever and you couldn't have them?... Try not to break too many hearts. Don't allow anyone to touch you, or to break yours. I can tell you.... it hurts.

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