Rob's Journal

Saturday Afternoon, October 7...... Crew call this morning for set work for Steel Magnolias, to be presented on Nov 9-11. The walls are up, painted with the first coat of base white, ready for the Carolina Blue interior..... Tomorrow is the second Sunday in October. In my family, that means the reuninon at Clyde Webster's. It's my mom's side of the family, the Pegrams from Belews Creek. Actually, it's a fairly accurate barometer of age. Each year, I recognize fewer and fewer people. And they seem to get younger and younger. Crowds in past years have drifted close to 100 or so, and it's an event which I have come to look forward to. Everyone brings food, and it's typical in that there are certain foods that you want to make certain that you sample, then` there's others.....well, you understand. Truthfully, all of the cooks in the family are good, and when all is said and done, there's more delicious food here than anywhere else I can think of...and more of a variety. It's an opportunity to get together with the relatives from Georgia, as well as points within North Carolina...... Mon and Tues are work days for me, my students have a mini-break. I'll work half a day on Mon to get grades in, then, on Tues, I'm headed back to Rowan South Rowan, to visit for awhile. I may stop by the one-year old Concord Mills before I head home. Thank you for being here with me at David Roberson. com.

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