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Friday September 8 ....... 4:00 PM ET UPDATE: Tommy Dreamer suffered a separated shoulder last night @ the ECW show in Cleveland. Dreamer teamed with Jerry Lynn & Mikey to defeat Diamond, Swinger & CW Anderson....... E! & Extra were in the Power Plant recently shooting film on the women of WCW........ ECW has added "Massacre on 34th Street," a ppv show from NYC's Hammerstein Ballroom, on Dec 3...... Sept 16 in Englishtown, NY, ECW squares off against the WWF and monster truck competition. ECW's truck faces the Goldberg, Austin and Kane trucks, among others....... Howard Stern dissed The Rock by saying "who's that?' this morning on his radio show....... The Rock has turned down a $5 million offer to do a film for Revolution Studios...... Steve Corino has been pulled from the Sep 19 NWA Heavyweight tournament in Tampa. Paul E spent 60 minutes on the phone with Howard Brody, the NWA promoter, before pulling Corino from the event....... The answer to who ran over Stone Cold will be revealed on Raw this Mon night....and promises to be a surprise.

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