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Thursday September 7 ............... 9:00 PM ET UPDATE: WCW Thunder did a 2.4 last night.....The WWF move to TNN still hinges on a judge NOT siding with the USA Network. If the ruling is in USA's favor, the WWF will not be allowed to break the existing contract and go to TNN......Turner may move Nitro to TBS, with TBS being the "sports" station...... Vince Russo did suffer a concussion from Big Vito last week. He aggravated the condition by appearing in War Games. He is suffering severe dizziness and has been advised not to get back into the ring for a minimum of 3 months....... 3:00 PM ET UPDATE: ME for Mon Nitro is a WCW Title match with Nash defending against Scott Steiner with Booker T as the ref and Goldberg as the enforcer on the floor. .......Eric Bischoff has joined the advisory board of Hollywood Bischoff is currently producing and developing television shows........ Gov Jesse, in blue jeans and tennis shoes, sat down with Katie Couric this morning on NBC's Today Show........ Jeff Jarrett choreographed the Nitro War Games...... Hayabusa is coming to Charlotte for Nitro this Mon. He will be filming an angle for FMW Japan with Muta...... Bret Hart back in for more tests on Sept 25......... 12:00 AM ET UPDATE: Summerslam was the 7th highest live gate in American pro wrestling and the first $1 million gate for an event other than a Wrestlemania..... for the final show, taped last weekend in NY, Cyrus "cancels" ECW on TNN...... Original plans have Ric Flair being the best man @ son David's "weddding," then revealing that he is the father of "Miss Hancock's" baby.......Gov Jesse Ventura is on Letterman tonight.

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