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Friday October 1, 2004 ..... Random thoughts.... Summer has passed, a new school year has begun and fall is approaching.... The summer saw Charly and I attend a Chicago/ Earth, Wind and Fire concert in Charlotte, only to spark our relationship even more. We've seen a few movies, shared a few moments, and plan to share a few more...The start of my 21st year in teaching has been hectic, with the added duties of being department chair... I just finished a 3-day workshop on Language and Literacy, only to be told that the materials will not be funded for the high school level in the forseeable future... A student in my fourth period Practical English class was hit by a car at the fair last week. Thankfully, he has recovered from a coma and is recuperating... My collie Lucy is growing more and more each day, with her first birthday having recently passed... The house has been painted,and a new roof is in the plans for Spring... My classes are reading more this year. Thus far, we have read Ol' Yeller, the Bridge To Terrabithia, Holes and we have just begun The Hatchet.... The Dixie Classic Fair opens today in Winston-Salem, for 10 days...The annual Pegram family reunion is coming on the second Sunday in October...George Bush will deliver a stronger America...Memories of my dad continue as we approach the first anniversary of his passing... Thank you for being here with me at David Roberson . Com.

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