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Sunday Evening, June 20, 2004...... Father's Day. The first one which I can remember without my dad. Sunday mornings are usually the times when I recall him the most. We had many conversations on Sunday mornings. I can still see him walking in the front yard, looking at the trees and the flower garden which he crafted. Today, I spent some time on reflection, and I'm not ashamed to say that I shed a tear or two, as well..... this fall, I'll begin my fourth year teaching Exceptional Children at North Rowan High in Spencer, NC. I've been asked to be department chair, this year, too. Charly and I are still close and care about each other on several different levels. We've seen a few movies and shared a few moments. Lucy, my collie, is now ten months old, still hyper and growing with each day. I've added a new Dell laptop to supplement my Gateway, and I have a few events to look forward to this summer, including WWE Smackdown in Winston-Salem on June 28, and the Earth, Wind and Fire/ Chicago concert in Charlotte on July 10. It's been a typical summer with thunderstorms, mosquitos and humidity. I apologize for the delay in updating Rob's Journal and I thank those of you who have written and called. Life these days is good. Thank you, too, for being with me here at David Roberson . Com.

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