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Wednesday September 6 ........... 6:30 PM ET UPDATE: WWF Raw in Greensboro marked the first Raw in months that did not sell out for the WWF. There were close to 3,000 vacant seats...... The late start on the East coast and MNF saw the numbers get closer between the Big 2 on Mon night. Raw edged Nitro, 4.2 to 3.6. Nitro saw a 4.8 quarter for the War Games segment.... has a charity auction going on with items from Goldberg, Luger, Terry Funk and others...... WCW is wooing the "Japanese Sabu," Hayabusa. He may appear as early as this Mon from Charlotte...... ECW's Francine has challenged Survivors Sue and Kelly...... Tonight on WCW Thunder: Kwee Wee d Lt Loco. 3 Count d Kronic. Jeff Jarrett attacks Mike Awesome. Shane Douglas d Crowbar. Scott Steiner attacks Goldberg. The Animals d The Harris Brothers. Sting d Vampiro. Madusa wins when Torrie is counted out of the ring. Goldberg d Team Canada: Lance Storm and Elix Skipper....... This Weekend on WCW Worldwide: Crowbar, Disco and 3 Count win squash matches. Elix Skipper d Cpl. Cajun.......... Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Scott Hudson on the birth of their daughter yesterday afternoon....... Tomorrow night on WWF Smackdown: Steve Austin communicates via the Titantron. X-Pac d Jericho. Benoit d Phatu. The Dudleys brawl with the APA. J Lawler brawls with Tazz. HHH d T & A. E Guererro d T Road Dogg. 2 Cool d Goodfather/Buchanan. 'Taker d Angle. ME: The Rock d Christian/Kane........ Sun night on WWF HeAT: Gangrel d Crash. The Hardys/Lita d Lodown/Ivory. Steve Blackman d Saturn........... 3:00 AM ET UPDATE: Gov Jesse scheduled for Dateline tonight..... Goldberg was involved in a scuffle with Evan Karagias outside the Reunion Arena Mon night. Karagias interrupted Goldberg's conversation with Kevin Nash. Goldberg apologized for the incident.

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