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Wednesday June 25, 2003 ...... A quick check of my transcript shows that I finished with an 86.5, or B, in each of the courses described in yesterday's journal entry. The GPA is now 3.5..... Tuesday June 24, 2003..... With the first summer session ending yesterday and the second session beginning next week, I find myself with a few days for me. The past four weeks have seen these assignments due in, plus a few others.. a 6-8 page typed paper on my personal classroom management style, a functonal behavioral assessment based upon one one of the characters from a '60's movie, To Sir, With Love, a journal log of my classroom management techniques, a collaborative effort on the reformation of a school-wide discipline program at a high school in Arkansas, a math manipulations kit, a math mural with manipulatives attached, a self-written math textbook chapter, adapted for Special Ed, a journal log on my teaching strategies and two final exams on the same day, within hours of each other, from the same instructor... Along the way, the two dates that I had with the "other dimension" lady from the last entry were just that.. two dates. Seems that I didn't have enough time for her; didn't pay her enough attention.. OK.. Lots of students wanting help with term papers and thesis statements these nights. When your AOL profile reads English teacher, well... Looks like that beach trip down to Wilmington will have to be on a weekend. I remember when the summers were longer and the days were sunnier... A special shout out to a new friend, not so far away, who has captured my attention with her wit and charm... Wherever you may be, you are here with me now, and I thank you for that. Take Care.

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