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Monday Evening, June 2, 2003 ..... The second year at North Rowan ended with a celebration of 2's and 3's on my End-of-Course Test scores. Translated, that means that my ninth grade EC English 1 students all made either a B or a C on the state test, which is much better than was expected of them. At the end of the summer, I will have another 12 semester hours of classes behind me, as I am taking 6 hours the first summer session and another 3 in the second session. These 9, along with the 3 in the spring, means that, at the end of the summer, I will sign a career contract with the Rowan-Salisbury system, and my course work towards EC certification will conclude in the Spring of 2004. The exam will be given in September, and I've already begun to study for it. My class schedule this summer isn't too bad: for the month of June, I'm in class on Mons and Weds from 8-12 and 1-5. For the month of July, I'll be in class Mon-Tue-Wed-Thu from 1-3.... My Mother's Day present to my mom was her own cell phone and phone line.... A quick glance at the newspaper shows me that there's another sex scandal at East Forsyth High. This time, it involves the band director at another school in the system and an East Forsyth student. This reminds me of my two years at East. It was the principal's second year. He was brought in specifically to systematically clean the campus after the first scandal broke. He's since moved on to another school in the system which, at one time, was known for the same kind of scandal. During his tenure, there ws an intensive scrutiny of the staff. I still recall my theatre students. To hear them talk, you'd think that there was sex, parties and drugs at will. With the latest round, it makes me wonder if what they said wasn't true. The only thing I know for sure is that I gave my heart and soul to East, and when I left, I felt unappreciated and used. I felt that leaving was the right thing to do. Now, two years later, I'm certain of it. As a side note, I accidentally saw a former theatre student yesterday, in a local Subway shop. As I approached, she looked to her manager and said, That's my drama teacher. Mind you, she is now a rising senior, is not in theatre, two years removed, and she refers to me as her drama teacher. Earlier, I said that I felt unappreciated and used. And, when talking about the administration, I do. But, when I think about the people who really matter, I was appreciated and will be remembered... On a sad note, the mother of a former student died in an automobile accident this past Friday night. My thoughts go out to Michelle Johnson, whose mom, Teresa Ingraham, lost her life... Life these days is hectic, but good. I'm seeing a special young lady, who tells me that I put her in another dimension... :)... Not love, yet. My experience with Laura told me not to give my heart so freely... A few changes in the website, all designed to increase the variety and to be a bit easier on the eyes....and plenty to do, with 6 hours of classes and the assignments which go with them... Good to see regular visitors from Atlanta, Charlotte and Toronto, along with those from near and far... Would love to hear from you. And thank you for making David Roberson . Com a part of your day. Take Care.

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