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Sunday Evening, March 2, 2003..... Round 5 of winter weather left me with a portion of a tree on my roof, 20-plus limbs of assorted sizes in the front and back yards, an oversized branch draped across the hood of the Thunderbird(but causing no damage), a 26-hour power lapse, and a newfound respect for a warm shower. As I write this, there are thousands of people in the Winston-Salem, NC area facing a third night in the dark. It's been an unusual winter in the Triad; the last bout with weather of this nature was back in 1996. This time, as then, the culprit was ice. A day of falling ice on Thursday led to limbs cracking and thumping on the roof by mid-afternoon. The power left at 5. The flashlights and candles came out shortly after. There was a tease, as the lights came back on at around 9:45 that night. The ice continued to fall, and a heavy limb crashed a power line, sending me into darkness for a second time, at around 10:15. Thursday night was chilly, and dark. By Friday @ noon, the fireplace was the gathering place to keep warm. Throughout the ordeal, I never lost water or phone, and the fridge was stocked. Too, the house was cold... The limbs continued to hit the roof, until a tree, a few feet away from the front of the house cracked, sending a branch to rest on the rooftop. Darkness began to fall on Fri night. A look into the still air gave way to a cascade of light making its way down the street. I saw the Cavalry. A fleet of Duke Power trucks, along with two tree trimmer trucks with cherry pickers, were headed down the street. At 6:35 on Fri night, the power was restored. And my first official act? Remember that warm shower?

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