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Monday Evening, February 17, 2003... With more snow days this week, the weather is the foremost event. An icy mix in my backyard Sat night and Sunday led to the blizzards now falling in the Northeast, which are being measured in feet, not inches. Fourteen inches of snow have fallen here in Triad North Carolina thus far this winter, far above our seasonal average. And to think, last summer we were wishing for rain... Life these days has classes at Winston-Salem State on Fri afternoons and Saturdays in Feb and Mar, and teaching classes at North Rowan High, along with conferences every Tues until mid-April. Life these days is good, and busy...It would appear that war is imminent. There are times when you don't go to war. Then, there are times when, if you don't go to war, the consequences are worse... Gas prices have forced me to switch to the Honda as my priority car, and the Thunderbird as my secondary... If you are at UNC-Wilmington, you are where I would like to be... I've always enjoyed watching other people. Human behavior, to me, is fascinating. Cases in point would be the college students with laptops at Border's Books, who mill around the cafe, the cowboys for a day who invade the coliseum for the Longhorn World Championship Rodeo, a friend who happens to leave a Hershey's Kiss on my desk, or an insignificant Have A Nice Day that turns into a memorable night...A check of my web stats shows an increase of traffic from outside of the United States, including Saudi Arabia, Iceland, Singapore and the Phillipines. Whether you are in Halifax or Honolulu, Melbourne or Kent, the US West or East, UNC Asheville or UNC Wilmington, Kannapolis, Saginaw or Winston-Salem, I thank you for being with me here at David Roberson . Com.

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