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Sunday evening, January 12, 2003..... I hope that your Holiday season was a memorable one and that the New Year has begun on a positive note. I am busy this semester, teaching English 1, 2 and 3. I will be taking a class at Winston-Salem State on alternating weekends in Feb and Mar, on Fri afternoons and Saturdays. The past few weeks have seen me develop a few new friendships and renew a couple of old ones. Two people who I was close to in the past have chosen to distance themselves, and I wish them well. It is true, the only constant in this life is change. Good things have been happening as of late. A friend in Rowan County, who is also a teacher, won a major court victory this past Fri. Those of you who surf through the Wrestling website hopefully will notice some changes, as I have added new features and have bulked up the news. Stay safe, stay warm, and thank you for being here with me @ David Roberson .Com.

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