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Sunday afternoon, December 8, 2002........ It began to snow Wed morning at around 9:00. At 10:30, school was dismissed for the day, and, now, Sun afternoon, there are people without power, and the thawing process continues. The storm came from the Texas-Gulf area, compounded with a cold air mass from the north, to create more of an ice storm for the Carolinas than snow. Thankfully, my power never went out... The Christmas shopping has been completed. I took the Fri after Thanksgiving and set out to get done as much as I could... The days at home have given me the opportunity to play. Those of you who know me, will understand that means buying a webcam, taking the time to figure out my digital camera and practicing with my scanner, sending pix through the e-mail...With the probability of returning to school tomorrow, and having enjoyed the abbreviated time off, I remind myself that there are only 9 more school days until Christmas Break... Logging on yesterday morning, I have found a new friend on the 'net. A very special Hi to Johanna in the Phillipines.. :)... If you will allow me a moment of self-indulgement, if you are new to the site or are a regular and you wonder what Rob loks like, drop me an e-mail and I'll send you a pic... The site thrives because you read it; thank you for being with me here at David Roberson .Com.

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