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Thursday, November 28, 2002...... This Thanksgiving Day, I am thankful for: my family, whose unconditional love is returned... the opportunity to work at North Rowan High, and the friends who I have met there... my principal, who knows how to crack a joke, smile and refer to me as David every now and then.. my friends at Winston-Salem State.. a Republican President.. the WWE, which entertains me.. my Honda Accord.. and my Ford Thunderbird.. Harvey, the rabbit, who checks in from time to time from his home in our woods.. my friends at Carolina Tans.. my old friends, who keep in touch, visit the website, and understand that our lives are full of constant change.. the fact that there is only one me; only one person who thinks and sees and feels what I do.. the me that I have become.. the promise of a life, incomprehensible, beyond the one that I now know... and, for you, for being with me here at David Roberson . Com.

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