Fact about the Quija Board

There are two major theories. The spiritualist theory holds that the messages comes from without; the automatistic(or "scientific") theory holds that the messages from within. Arguments can be made for both theorys.

The spiritualist theory is older. It maintains that the spirits of the dead souls use the Quija Bard to communincate- and occasionally interact-with the living.

The other major theory maintains that the working of the Quija Board-along with several other psychological and psychic phenomena-is an automatism. The dictionary defines autonatism as "an action performed without the doer's intentio or awareness. In other words, while the Quija operator's conscious mind denies controlling the planchette(the thing you use to spell out the words) it is really the operator's subconscious mind controlling the muscles in the hand and arm, spelling out messages it needs or wants the conscious mind to hear.

You be the judge of which theory you believe. I personally believe in the first theory. My experinces with the Quija Board has been extreme, and I will alwyas believe in them.

    a.Quija Messages

The messages that come from or through the Quija Board most often takes the form f a conversation. When people sit downat the Quija Board,ordinarily one of their first questions is,"Does anyone want to speak to us?" or"Are there any messaes for us?" If there is no answer,the Quija session would end. If contact is made-as usually happens-the "Other" will usually identify itself. It may be a spirit of a relative, friend or recently deceased celebrity. given time, it may change names, personalities, or it may give way to another spirit who wants to communicate.

The "Other" often identifies itself as the spirit of a famous person.Religious,philosophical and political spirit voices are most common,particularly Jesus,Saint John, Socrates, and Lincoln. The archangel Micheal seems to be very popular as well.

There is no such thing as a typical Quija message. As you will read in these pages, the range of what people have experienced with the Ouija Board is incredible. Your experience-if you choose to work the board-will be entirely unpredictable.


To give you just a quick idea of the range of Quija board experience, here are some brief stories.

One woman, when 17, was told bt the Quija board that her boyfriend, a solider in the Vietnam, had been shot at by another G. The board was specific in its details; it was night,Gary was riding in a jeep with another solider, the flashlight Gary had been holding was hit, Gary had not been hurt. She wrote Gary about this, half-thinking she was crazy. But Gary ,shocked, verified that the story was true. The details were accurate; he had been shot at-while the letter was in transit...

A 78 year old woman worked with the Quija board happily for thirty years. a horse racing fan, she used the Quija board to pick winners. Her greatest success came when the board told her to box three numbers-she won $768.00.

But in case you thought the Quija Board only told you what you wanted or ought to hear, here ia a letter received from the mother of a child who was traumatized by her Quija Board.

Just before our daughter's 12th birthday four years ago, she played Quija with her friends and asked the qestion,"When will I die?" The board answerd her, she told us that she would die at age 13! My husband and I didn't think anything of it at first, not being superstitous and knowing that it was just a game.

However, a timed passed, we realized the impact "this game" prediciton had on our daughter. We eventually couldn't ignore the changes in her life, ie., avoiding going out very far from home, dreading trips, taking illness like the common cold versy seriously. Our dsughter was very ferful, often speaking of her dread and crying many times. The tenison was building in our family and we found ourselves being frightened for her and us, because she believed it soo much.

As her 13th birhtday grew nearer, our daughter seemed more resigned and didn't talk about her fate as much as before-almost like the Kubler-Rose staeges of Death and Dying-now Acceptance. We weren't sure what was happening, but on the day of her 13th birthday, she boldly annouced that she had fooled the Quija Board game! We knew then that this fear had never left her, and frankily we,too,were relived to see her reach age 13.

I am writting you about this experience because I thought you would be interested. I know this game has been around a long time, and I believe it is just a game. But apparently it can have some serious side effects, especially on impressionable young people. This short letter may not reveal to you compeletly just how much effect our dsughter;s reaction to Quija had on our family that one year. You would have to know what kind of people we are, and that feelings, like I have described here,haven't occurred to us before the game experience or since.

In 1920, an American salior claimd his Quija Board told him that his wife's missing ring was taken by a friend, The salior beat that friend. A judge determined that the Quija's testimony did not justify assault.

In 1933, a teenage girl claimer that while working the Qiuja board with her mother,she was instructed to murder her father, because her mother was in love with another man. The Ouija Board supposedly gave the girl specific instructions and promised her 5,000 doallars in insurance money and escape from the law. The grl was sent to state reform school for six years, and her mother was sent to prison to serve up to 25 years.

In 1935, a Quija Board told Mrs. Nellie Hurd in Kansas City that her 77 year old husband, Herbert, had given 15,000 dollars to a woman with whom he was having an affair with. Mrs.Hurd began an intense program of husband abuse, systematically beating,burning, and torturing him. Mr Hurd could not convince her that the Quija board was lying. In depersation he killed her.

In 1956, the last will and testament of heiress Helen Dow Peck provided that the bulk of her 180,00 dollar legacy was to go to a certain John Gale Forbes. A judge invalidated the will. No John Gale forbes could be found, for he was merely the creation or invention of Mrs. Dow Peck's Quija board.

william Peter Blatty based his best-selling novel and screen play "The Exorcist" on a actual case of possession and exorcism that took place in 1949. In Blatty's fictionalization it was a teenage girl who was invaded by a demon after the girl's aunt and mother experimented with a Quija board. The actual victim was a 14 year old boy named Douglas Deen.

The story was first reported in the Washington Post, on August 20,1949. The headline read,"Priest Frees Mt. Rainier[Md.] Boy Reported Held in Devil's Grip." It's first line is, ' In what is perhaps one of the most remarkable experiences of its kind in recent religious history. a 14 year old Mount Rainier boy has been freed by a Catholic Priest of possession by the devil, catholic sources reported yesterday."

J.B. Rhine, director of the parapsychological laborator at Duke University, investigatied the case and was quoted as saying it was "the most impressive" poltergeist phenomenon he had ever come across.

The word poltergeist comes form the greek word meaning "noise ghost". Some of the maifestations included:

the bed the boy was sleeping in moving across the floor.
a heavy armchair tilting and falling over, spilling the boy who was sitting in it,his chin resting on his knees.
in the boys presence, fruit placed on the refrigator jumping up and hurling itself againt the wall.
scratching noises from the walls near where the boy stood.

Neighbors of the deens first laughed off the phenomena and said their house was known to be haunted. But when Douglas visted thier houses, manifestions, continued, including violent,apparently involuntary shakings of the boys bed.

the Deens turned to their minster for help. Originally skeptical, he invited Douglass to his house. The minister was convinced when he witnessed several manifestations, including the one in which the heavy arm chair tipped over. He then tried to tip the chair over while sitting in it,but he couldn't.

A 50 year old Jesuit priest from Saint Louis the observed the boy and the manfestations. For two months he stayed with him;sometimes even slept in the same room. He took the boy to Georgetown University Hospital for extensive studies, and to Saint Louis University Hospital. Exorcism was agreed upon only after all other possible cures had been exhausted.

The boys parents were not Catholic, so before the exorcism the boy had to convert and receive religious instruction.

Twenty to thirty perfoemances of the ritual were held, each lasting about three quarters of an hour. the priest, having fasted, started by saying Mass and praying for divine strength. More prayers and psalms followed. He then sprinkled holy water on the boy and read the twentvy-seven-page ritual, which ordered the evil spirit to depart.

"I command you, whoever you are, unclean spirit, and all your associates,obessing this friend o God, that by the mysteries of the Incarnation,Passion,ressurrection and Ascension of our Lord Jesus Christ, by the mission of the Holy Spirit and by the coming of the same Master of Judgement, give me your name, the day and hour of your exit, together with some sign, and even though i am an unworthy minister of God, I command thee to obey in all these things nor ever again in any matter to offend this creature of God, or those who are here or any of their possessions....

"Depart therefore, in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, give place to the Holy Spirit through the sign of the Holy Cross of Jesus Christ our Lord who with the father and the same Holy Spirit lives and reigns now and forever, Amen."

The boy at first reacted violently to this-screaming, cursing, and talking in Latin, a language he had never studied. At one point he claimed he had a vision of Saint Michael casting out the devil.

Finally the priest announced the boy was cured. The manifestions had stopped.

The Washington Post reported that exorcisms and cases of diabolical possession are very rare in the western Christian world. The solemn rite of exorcism was quite possibly the first performed in the Washington area. permission to hold the exorcism must be recieved from the archbishop after full documentation and verification.

Credits goes to: Stoker Hunter from his book"QUIJA The most dangerous Game"

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