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Here are the lyrics to all of our songs. Just click on one from the list to read the lyrics for that song. When you're done click on the song title to return to the top.

In anger I find no solace
Only in quiet, dilluted pain
And wishing I had the courage to say "fuck it all"
And start again
But now I'm left to wonder
If life would be the same
Had I passed on the temptation
And decided not to play the game

So here I am alone
Feeling sorry for myself
Taking my emotions
Hiding them from everyone else

All work - slavery
No play - in chains
Wasting - I'm wasting
My life away

Lobotomized by my labor
My brain just takes up space
Routinely keep up my routine
So everything stays the same


Macho bastards live beyond the barriers of reality
Sentenced to die under the iron fist of brutality
Never once show any signs of sensitivity
The vengeance will come for your unjust animosity

Riot cop - New world enforcer
Beat the innocent - For a new world order
GasMask Gods - With impenetrable armor
Riot Cops - Content to beat you harder

The man in blue has run you through
Clad in riot gear
For the cause of public safety
Although the logics not quite clear

Protect and serve the public
While you beat the public senseless
Stand tough behind your armor
Uneven war against the helpless
Those who cry foul
When the brutality seems endless
Are left to die in the gutter
And you go home guiltless


Wasting you life away

Processed on the assembly line
Dont worry son, you'll be just fine
Come out on the other side
Ready to take the world in stride
Like all the rest, attempt to be
To rise above a man like me
Step out of this misery
And grab hold of that better life

Because reality is for too real for most of us
And the TV screen is the only thing to gain our trust

Nothing ever comes for free
Working to death for the company
Dreaming away in misery
Dreams that'll never come to be
And when that world comes crashing down
You'll be six feet underground
Rotting corpse of a corporate clown
Who couldnt read the writing on the wall


It seemed to me the last time I checked
That I was dead, no life left
I was bled and bludgeoned, and fooled to believe
In conformity
Conformity, Straight-line thinking
Is so much less dangerous

Straight-line thinking is so much less dangerous
Your mind was never meant to question
Lay back and absorb your lesson
Lesson for what? Lesson for who?
I have learned not to trust you

Teaching me how to be just like you

Fuck your lesson for today
You always learn something new
Today I learned that you were wrong
I was right and you knew it
I can forget so many words
The words I forget are the ones I learned from you


I wield the righteous sword
To strike down those who disobey
With my almighty god-given power
I condemn all those who stray
I bring a peaceful order
To a sin-ful world in disarray
This world will wish it believed me
Come its judgement day
I may say my god has mercy
But hes an evil son of a bitch
He laughs as the poor suffer
And applauds the lives of the rich
Its my duty to fulfill his plan
And grant his every wish
If some get trampled along the way
I guess thats the way it is

Your lifes a crime
So says my bible
Belief in me
Will ensure survival
I know whats going down
Your worlds burning to the ground
I hope and pray you've found
The truth in my beautiful lie


Tend the Garden, Plow the field
Face the disgusting crops you yield

You try your hardest to grow a garden
But all you get are weeds
Hideous bastards, kill them off
And then replant the seed
For a need of planned out beauty
And a sense of security
The demon you planted was wanted
What grew was the enemy

Whats different is labeled "monster"
Just because you dont understand
Forget the ones who make the real progress
Will never fit the plan
So you take your little garden
Pick all the little weeds
Marvel at the beauty
Of your forced conformity


It's been so long since I had a chance
To shed these heavy chains
Gain the courage to fight back

Pick up these broken legs Bring them all as one
And let them play their part
In rejecting this history
Of sexism, racism, greed
Standing up against the bigotry you see

Its time to stop that train
Stand and smash it down
The power is inside
It just needs to be found
Dont watch it run you dead
Just pick up the tracks
Turn them back around
Send that train right back


Enough blood was shed To fill a thousand seas
War was fought for what Leaving hunger and disease
The final drip of blood That stained the tattered ground red
Fell not from a soldier But from yrour shattered head

Dropping to his knees
Only to be shot to hell
The very last soul
Happened to be a soldier as well

These young men not murderers Just confused and misled
To think they would find glory But would really end up dead
Dead they will remain To add on your death toll
Now I ask you when Will your belly finally be full



This certainly isnt the end
And its not the fucking beginning
You thought that you were sober
But your head just kept on spinning
Through those jaded eyes
At least you could pick out what to hit
And you could see enough
To be able to beat your wife to shit

Look into their eyes
See their innocent tears
How could you let yourself
Become their worst nightmare
This is daddy's world
Now feel daddy's pain
It'll only be a few more hours
Until he starts to hit again
The children are awakened
By the slamming of the door
And were wide awake and listening
When mommy's head hit the floor
But that just wasn't enough
You just had to have your fix
So you slapped her around a few more times
Just to get your kicks


Way beyond the lobby lies a man with thinning hair
Dangling the hook and masking the real reason he's there
The power that he holds if people knew would think unfair
An expressionless face helps hide his motives never clear
His lawyers defend his honor they deny while others choke
Those choking feed him money they're addicted to his smoke

The smoke he knew all along could kill a thousand men
Wrench the life from the strongest and suck the profits in

While we all huffed and puffed
And filled our lungs with who knows what
He just sat back and laughed
Never convicted never touched
Mass murder, constant lying
Poisoning our bodies and air
The chemicals ingested
Will always stay there


We've based our lives on money, that moneys fuel for greed
As consumers we tell ourselves it's ok to buy things that we don't need
Time to raise the prices, jack them up some
Ignore the factory defects and ship them to the store

But we're too blind to see
The blood that's on our hands
Third world working conditions
For our worlds supply and demand
Work for shitty wages
Not nearly enough to survive
But no one seems to care
They've got money on their minds

You know if you don't work, you'll end up on the streets
You know that if you do, you'll slave from week to week
Feed the rich man's belly, with the livelihood of the poor
And they'll never even know what they're dying for

In your suburban houses, you'll pretend that you don't care
Consume to feed your greed and work to earn your share
If you realized the cost you would be ashamed
To see the people starving and realize that you're the one to blame


A diamond, a car, worthless possessions
For even more worthless people
Who do nothing but watch others clean their shit
For the priviledge of seeing first hand
Fuck You

Pleasure is your light, your savior to call god
Scour the land to fulfill, fulfill your luxury
Bigger newer better, and a little less humane
Your possessions wont protect you from your destiny

Hedonistic pleasure seeker
The walls are collapsing
And they're falling in on you

Desire is your downfall, you want and take it all
Hide it all away in your pretty little dream
Never mind the destruction, it doesnt happen at all
Just turn your back and pretend things are different than they seem


The beauty of nature, that perfect imperfection
You condemn all that you see but watch them bleed all the same
While lives are wasted ceaselessly for pointless curiosity
You all argue carelessly and forget that time=lives

For the oppressed and abused
Who've never seen the light of day
Given the gift of life
Yet humans take it all away

All dead, all dying, bleeding, tortured, fading slowly black
River of progress runs crimson
Its time to turn that current back
BACK! BACK! Stop the river of blood
BACK! BACK! Damn the incessant flood


Outside as the rain falls it hits the soil hard as stone
A reminder to us all, we think we're safe at home
Once you step outside the torrents wash away
Every slice of humanity you could ever even claim

As the wind erodes the mountains does society erode man
Everything that happens to our selfish, bloodstained hands
Its a role no one is proud of, destroyer of all truth
Man plays up willingly and ignores all forms of proof

That what we so violently destroy is what so peacefully keeps us alive
So more excuses are made and we forever increase the hive
What is a parasite? MAN
He who devours and destroys
Welcome to your own techno-hell
Stay calm and watch it die


***This song is not about drinking in general. If you are offended you read it wrong. I could give a damn if you drink or not as long as you treat others and yourself with respect and responsibility. This is about the few macho morons out there who get wasted and fuck shit up because theres nothing better to do. These kind of assholes ruin it for everyone else, and drive well intentioned people away from our scene.***

Freedom to fuck each other up is not freedom at all
Just an excuse for mindless behavior and making others feel small
Drink the drink and walk the walk you act like a stupid fuck
You must have lost your mind in that bottle
Or with the last person you fucked up

How can we coexist when this belligerency continues to grow?
How can we accomplish anything when you cant even feel safe at a show
You're not part of a culture, you're just jocks with spikey hair
Join up for a free ride so you can tell people you were there

Drink till I die
Watch time fly by
While you were wasted
The whole punk scene died