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** Jan 3/2001**

To those of you who belong to the Rays of Hope webring I will be closing the webring.This was a hard choice for me,so many people helped me to get the webring together and I feel like I'm letting them down.But as this new year marchs on I have found that I need to focus on my family more.

January 19 /01 Goodbye Grandpa
Grandpa Goodbye

** Sept 13/2000**

My sweet loving Mother passed away.To all those who kept her in your prayers,Thank you.
This site will remain on the net,in hopes of helping others who are dealing with cancer.Please remember although one person's story has ended,it does not mean those you love dealing with cancer will have the same result.
Keep hope alive and above all pray for a cure.

Last words


Thank you
Lady Sunshine




I have to admit I never thought I would be making a site about cancer,but this time I needed to do something.On Sept 30/99 my Mother was told she had cancer and on that day the rest of the family was hit hard with the news.We had been dealing with my Mother being sick for three one had ever mentioned it could be cancer,although we had thought it maybe.They had checked her from top to bottom.A large tumor the size of two fists put together was found on her ovary.But it wasn't till 2 months later when they had done an evasive biopsy of her lung,liver and adrenal gland they found cancer. The cancer had spread from the ovary to the lung,liver,kidney,adrenal much wrong..and it took this long to say the word cancer.


So what do we do now? All of the family is struggling to find some way to support our Mother.My brother Jason is shaving his head for cancer and raising money to donate.Me? well as you can see I have made a special site.This site is not for the loss of a loved one..but for the hope that the cancer will be beaten.Its a show of support to all of you who are going through a very hard time.Now is the time to fight this and with the internet and the supply of knowledge out there I plan on making sure you recieve all the info I can find to help you.But not just medical you will find laughter..encouragement...and my daily diary of changes that are happening to my Mother..and to myself.



Tears of a Daughter was written on
**Aug 21/00**
when my Mother was taken to the hospital.

Tears of a Daughter


If you take this ribbon as a show of support for my mom please link it back to this site. And my MANY thanks to all of you who do take this ribbon..for when you do you not only show your support for her...but for me as well.Thank you.

This heart is for all of you that are family members of those sick with cancer.Please take it...and know I am here to support your ups and downs.We are the ones that hold tight to our loved ones when they feel they can't go on any further.So for all of you out there holding your loved one tight at night ...remember we are all in this together.

Opening Page Graphics and script

As much as I would like to take credit for the opening page to this site I can not do so.The opening page graphics were done by a dear friend of mine Cathy aka Lipstick.When I found out about my Mother's cancer I felt I had to do something.I also felt this site had to have emotions behind it..something to let others see what my vision was for this site. I asked Cathy if she would make an opening page for the site.When I recieved the url to look at my heart dropped...she had captured what I had invisioned in my minds eye.To Cathy aka Lipstick I will be forever grateful for your time and talents placed in the front page.Also for helping me to help others..Thank you Cathy!! ((((((((Cathy))))))).

If you would like to see her talent at work please click on the logo below.

If you came in through a webring and would like to see Cathy's work please click here
Rays of Hope opening page





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The below awards are placed here on the welcome page to give honor to those who have given them.With each award I thank you...thank you for taking time to look at the site and thank you for feeling the site is worthy of your award.
The awards will remain on this page for one month
after which they will be placed within the award gallery.

I am so sorry for not getting these gifts or awards up earlier ..but I have been very busy with on the net work and home life.Thank you to all that have sent in gifts or awards for this site...and again I am very sorry about being tardy when placing them on the site*S*


Thank you Gentle Touch for this award.
Award recieved July 20/00

Thank you Gentle Touch for this award.
Award recieved July 20/00

Thank you Gentle Touch for this award.
Award recieved July 20/00


The logo's and some webrings below are some of the groups I belong to.These groups are helping me with their support to get through some of the hard times I am having dealing with Mom's cancer.To all of them I thank you for reaching out to me when I needed you.


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