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Welcome to the links page of my site. (Okayyy, Qwert, you can cut the seriousness now...). Oh, yeah. Well, anyway, some links. There are very, very strange ones abound this week. The stick death theatre is a prime example, for those people with a sick sense of humour. Anyway, if watching stick figures die gruesomly is your cup of tea, there's a link below-but if you're a nice sane person like myself-someone who's willing to put sick links on their sites only because of other 'sick' people-then don't look. Please. Anyway, the pick of this week has to be the gamepen site. The teletubbies site is worth a look in, too. If you like that sort of thing, that is. Oh, and avoid the teletubbies execution site, please (hand picked by a colleague. Namely Llewellyn...)


Half-Life link of the month

Connects to 'Planet Half-Life'. Probably the best Half-Life site doing the rounds on the Net.

Weird links

The stick figure death theatre. Enough said.
Fancy a visit to the 'Teletubbies are the children of satan!' site? Step right up, people/teletubby haters
One for the sick-minded. The teletubbies execution site. This is disgusting, and I have only selected it because of a certain 'Llewellyn'...

Pick of the week

To the gamepen magazine site. Massive, with an entire page devoted to downloads! Wahoo!