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The Lara Croft Page

Welcome to the Lara Croft pageThis particular page is absolutely bangin' with the coolest music EVER! You'll know it when you here it...Below there is a very good story, illustrated with hilarious clips from the game. Click below the "Lara Croft's Epic Adventures" title on the "The Butler's Revenge!" link for the story in full. Anyway, basically, there are just piccies of Lara Croft on this page. Cool? I don't think so. She's not real, chums. Get it into your heads. But listen to the music. Listen to it! It's cool! Honest!

Lara Croft's Epic Adventures

1. The Butler's Revenge!
Jeeves the butler finally decides to get his own back on Lara for her incessant blasting at him, but how will he do it?

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, But She's Got Clothes On!

I'll pretend I didn't here that. You're lucky enough to have Lara on my site at all, so don't push it! (this site is nude raider free)Yeesh, what the heck is the attraction to a thing made of tacky polygons?...
In order to fill space, I'm going to talk about this page, who Llewellyn is, and Lara Croft. Llewellyn is a friend. Actually, he's more of a 'thing', but we won't go into that. He loves video games. And my website. So I thought I'd dedicate two pages (yes, two) to him, of the people he likes more than anyone in the whole world. That would be Lara Croft and Sarah Michelle Gellar, then. Obviously.

in order to please Llewellyn, he wrote the 'heading' (yeah, yeah, but...etc ) for the picture above. But goodness knows why he asked me to mention that...

No. No! He's gone too far this time!

I'm telling you, this is the last time I let Llewellyn touch my website! If he continues to like this on my website, then he can make his own! This website is supposed to be 'U' rated! What's that, you say? You see women in bikinis around swimming pools all the time? Hmmm...well, I suppose he can be excused. For the last time. Next time he does a thing like this, though, on my website, he's banned!

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Too Big. Obviously.

It was big. No, bigger than that. Bigger still. You're still miles short. Keep going. Further still. Look, we're talking Krakens and Dreadnoughts for jewellry, here! It was big.