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Playable Games

Welcome to what many think is the highlight of my website: the online games page. All of the games you see here are instantly playable, (although none of them have been created by me unless otherwise stated) but some of them may need Internet Explorer 4.0 or better to run-but hopefully a message will declare this, and none of them (thankfully) need downloading. Loading times are in general short, so you can literally pick up and play! My one player pick of the week is 'Cartman', a hilarious 'Pac-man' clone, with all the humour of the series, and the two player pick of the week is the one and only 'tug of war', funnily enough the only two player game here...Another hilarious game is 'Star Wars With The Gipper'-just play it and you'll see what I mean, even though it's not mine...Oh, and please visit the 'build a skeleton' game, 'cause nobody has, yet...

P.S. Games contained on this page are constantly being updated, so don't be afraid to come back...

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Top Three Games This Month

The Games

Build A Skeleton
Star Wars With The Gipper
Alien Invasion
Desktop Whack A Mole
Slots Cafe
Tug Of War-Two player
The Dating Game