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Drive Your Mate Wild In Bed

Along my adventures in life I have come across many ways to turn a person on.. I find that a few simple techniques along with your imagination can go a long way. Please let me share with you some erotic, playful sexy tips. Feel sexy about yourself and think sexy thoughts. Radiate sexual confidence. A sexy self image begins in your head. Usually the most attractive thing about a person is his or her self-confidence. Self confidence can be considered erotic. If you carry yourself with such assurance, you will be magnetically attractive to everyone around you. Get to know and love every inch of your body and mind and the unforgettable person they make up. Give your lover all of your undivided attention. Be generouse in your lovemaking. And... don't be afraid to let go of your inhibitions!

Safe Sex

The Love Nest
Outside The Love Nest
In The Bathtub

Mental Foreplay

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