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Photo submission guidelines for
The Pine Needle Group

These standards apply to GALLERY photos only. If you have a photo you would like to see on-site which does not conform to these standards, you may submit it for consideration for general site use.

You must be a member of The Pine Needle Group to exhibit in the Gallery. Instructions for becoming a member are on the Frequently Asked Questions page. Once you are a member, you may submit photos for consideration. The photos chosen for exhibition by, and are subject to editing by the Webmaster. If you choose to go offline, or cannot be reached by the email address posted in your gallery, please notify the webmaster. All galleries MUST have current email addresses, or will be removed.

Prices are not posted in The Pine Needle Group Gallery.

Do not submit photos which are already posted on your personal website , or elsewhere online. This is a FREE service, and it is REQUIRED that Photos MUST be exclusive.
***(That means they can appear NO WHERE ELSE ONLINE.)***
This space is provided at no cost to you for your LATEST or BEST work, or for those who do not have their own personal website.
Please advise if you wish to add a work shown in your gallery to your personal website, and it will be removed from your gallery.
Galleries which only show non-exclusive work will be removed.
If you already have a website where you can post photos, a link to your site is provided in your Pine Needle Group Gallery, as well as next to your membership listing. If somehow we have neglected to do this, please notify the Webmaster.

To have your own gallery page:

1. submit photos for approval/editing, according to the photo guidelines (below).
2. The gallery will be written and posted by the Webmaster, with links to whatever additional sites you hold with your work displayed (baskets or other, not necessarily coiling.)


You may exhibit photos of up to 7 pieces. If some of your submissions are not accepted, you may re-submit additional photos, until you have 6 accepted pieces, as well as a "header" photograph. Multiple views of the same basket may be accepted, and shown on the "jump" page of the gallery. These additional views will not count towards the 7 total per gallery.

General photo guidelines:

1. Only coiled work will be exhibited.
2. Photos with tags and labels visible will not be accepted.
3. Simple or plain backgrounds are preferred.
Natural backgrounds are sometimes acceptable, if they do not detract from the basket, and are generally pleasing. Please do not use busy backgrounds, and watch for debris and other distractions. Sometimes the easiest thing to do is use paper or fabric to set the basket on. If propping is required, you may want to put a drape over the prop, under the basket, so the prop does not show.
4. Try to leave adequate room all around the basket when photographing.
It is better to print photos 4 x6, so if your basket is off-center, it will not be too close to the edge after editing.
5. Get close enough to basket to show detail.
6. Photos must be in focus.
7. Simple scans of baskets will generally not be accepted, exceptions may be made if the work is flat and does not appear distorted in the scan.

8. Please do not edit in "frames", special effects, alternate views, or drapes around your photo. The goal is to have a gallery-type presentation, letting your woven work shine, NOT your fancy computer skills or programs.
9. Baskets with wild bird feathers and nests will not be accepted. These items may be in violation of federal wildlife laws.
10. You might try taking your photos outside. Photos with heavy cast shadows or bright reflections often result when taking basket photos indoors with a flash. If you pick a shady spot outside, where there is uniform shade (NOT dappling through leaves, but shade from a building or something solid) and THEN use your flash too, you should have good results.

"Header" photos:
This photo will be used at the top of the gallery, next to the words "The Pine Needle Group Gallery", and sets the mood for the page. This photo can be of the artist, the artist working on a piece, the studio, or a representative piece of work. Photos must be generally pleasing, have no tags visible, in focus, and with a fairly simple background.

Since several people have asked, here are step-by-step suggested photography instructions. Notice: I am not a photography expert, but when I take my pictures, this is how I do it, with NO special equipment:

Digital photos:
When scanning photos, don't try to make them smaller, or edit them. If you send them at a standard scan of 150 dpi, and large in bytes, they can hopefully be sharpened and changed so they show the piece more closely. But if you increase the dpi, and decrease the size of the photo, they are more difficult to manipulate, it is hard to sharpen them.

Please send in jpeg format, if possible. Generally, the bigger the better. Set your camera to "fine". This allows sufficient detail to allow "detail" shots from your large photo. All photos be cropped to approximately the same size. Detail shots will be shown where possible, and when the work is complex. All photos will be displayed in thumbnail, anyway - we are only changing the size of the large photo which loads when you "click on the thumbnail."

Hard copy photos:
1. email the webmaster for mailing address.
2. Photos should be sent with a self-addressed, stamped envelope for the photos return.
3. Each photo should be labelled with:

4. Little smudges on the surface of the photo can sometimes be big smudges when they are scanned: Try not to leave fingerprints.

5. Photos remain exclusive to the Pine Needle Group If another website repeats the photos which are still showing in the PNG Gallery, the Gallery will be removed. As there are links provided from each gallery to additional works by that coiler, it is evident to the viewer when works are repeated from other parts of the web. The intent of this group offering a gallery is to:
6. If your photos are not accepted:
Photos are not refused because I "don't like the basket"! No judgements are made with regard to the fineness of the finished work, or the sophistication of the piece. If it is not suitable for family viewing, it will not be shown. Otherwise, jugdements are made based upon the photo quality ONLY. If you have done the best you can with photo quality, and they are still not accepted, there are plenty of other places to exhibit your photos online. Once you have your baskets uploaded to the web, don't forget to notify The Pine Needle Group webmaster. You can have a link to each of your pages next to your member listing, and pages with coiled works will also be added to the links pages.

Need help with digitizing? Most drug stores/photo development places will digitize for a nominal fee.

Questions? email the Webmaster

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