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Sandra Grajeda to Toni Best

Sandra Grajeda to Toni Best Toni wrote:

"I received a lovely exchange basket from Sandra Grajeda. She enclosed a lot of coyote gourds, some small sliced walnuts ( I haven't seen sliced ones this small!!) some blue-green-purple beads and some bone beads. That is for starters. My exchange basket is coiled around a really gnarly piece of wood - Is it a root Sandra? It has such character. Sandra started coiling with butterscotch waxed linen. After about 5 rows, she placed 3 walnut slices around the circle, creating a triangular shape. After two more rows, Sandra changed to black waxed linen. Sandra ends with a black floating coil around which there is a butterscotch one wrapped. It is really lovely. "Sandra Grajeda to Toni BestSandra Grajeda to Toni Best Pine Needle Group Logo, created by Carol Antrim