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Rhoda Forbes to Leigh Adams

Rhoda Forbes to Leigh AdamsLeigh said

"...there was a box on the kitchen table. From Rhoda! My Canadian gourd and basket friend! ...Hallelujah! I became so energized that I had to slow myself down. Don't rip the tape with your teeth, Leigh!!! I received a BEAUTIFUL woven bamboo bowl, painted black and delicately tole painted, embraced by Rhoda's tight and graceful coils in glossy jet black pineneedles, terminating in a fine, flared edge. Between the bowl and the coiling, the pierced holes are camouflaged by a tickling, dancing, conga line of beads which reiterate the colors of the bowl. Very skillful, very graceful! Thank you, Rhoda! Pine Needle Group Logo, created by Carol Antrim