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Carol Miller to Lynn Hoyt

Carol Miller to Lynn HoytLynn wrote:

"Today I received a perfectly exquisite exchange basket from Carol Miller! Carol was so creative to start the piece on a wooden music box stand, so that the basket revolves and plays Edelweiss! It's kind of like getting the coiler's equivalent of a Faberge Egg, and it is all mine! The basket is wonderful, tight and perfectly shaped with tiny coils using diamond and v stitches. There is a dark band of mule hair (!) on the lid and a pretty bead and wire horsefly at the top of the lid-- Carol says 'to accompany the mule hair.' The total effect is pure elegance. Inside the basket is the dark wood disk that she started on, that attaches to the pedestal base. This is really a show piece and I couldn't be happier at having received it. It's a treasure that I'll always enjoy. Thank you Carol. Your work is amazing!"Carol Miller to Lynn Hoyt Pine Needle Group Logo, created by Carol Antrim