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Big Red Death's Clanwars Page

Welcome to my clanwars page, which is currently under construction.

Notable Victories

08-24-98 My first win over politia
08-24-98 My first win over Voyager
08-24-98 My first win against my mentor DarkFalcon.
08-24-98 A win on a bad map vs DarkPhoenix
08-25-98 Cloakers and a timely engineer key the comeback against Lylat
08-25-98 Amazon explores the wrong way while I trick her 9th
08-26-98 Supreme learns a little lesson in beatdown
08-26-98 Sometimes you have to roll the dice. I guessed right this time
08-26-98 An example of the importance of patience. A very early game against Some New Guy
08-29-98 40oz squanders map advantage in an otherwise nondescript game.
08-29-98 A strong opening pop trick wins another of the BRD/supreme series
09-02-98 A seemingly impossible win against an old-timer. Dread Pirate Roberts meets BRD
09-02-98 Rack another win for the cloaker, this time against Prince Valiant
09-03-98 Econ isn't everything... A poor setup win against Grand Duchy
09-09-98 A comeback win after exploring the wrong way against Horny Tits
09-14-98 Lylat wavers from his usual strategies and almost steals the win. A straight muscle win for me
10-17-98 The second in a series of games against Xynx.
10-17-98 Number Three
10-17-98 Number Four
10-17-98 Number Five
10-17-98 Dread Pirate Roberts, fresh off a win against me, turns a map game into a battle
11-10-98 Agt the Walker has position, but no resources. Luck in exploration net a clan point.

Ignominous Defeats

08-26-98 Voyager recovers nicely from an early deficit to steal a game I should have won

For the Newer Players

Pop Tricking 101

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