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Maria the Author

I, Maria Joseph Parampil is a Ninth generation Kallarackal family member. That makes me a fourth generation Parampil family member. I am the third child of P.J. Joseph (Appachen). My mother is Daisy Rita Joseph. Remani, my eldest sister is married to K.T. Nicholas Karimpanal. They have two daughters, Roshan and Rita. My second sister Anna is married to K. K. Kurian Pottemkulam. They have three daughters, Tessa, Rita and Tanya.

I did my schooling in Kanjirapally. I graduated in Zoology from St. Teresa's College Ernakulam in 1997. I studied Programming, Computer Animation and Web Page DesigningI studied Programming, Computer Animation and Web Page Designing.

I got married to Hormis Tharakan, Son of Dr. Mathew Tharakan and Mrs RoseMary Mathew, Veliyaraparayil, Kozhikode on the 2nd September 2001. Please click here to see our engagement photo.

My family

From the right: P.J. Joseph (my father), Daisy Rita Joseph (my mother), Rita Mary Kurian(my second sister's second daughter), Anna Kurian (my second sister), Maria Joseph (me), Resa Rita Nicholas (my eldest sister's second daughter), Nicholas K.T. (my eldest brother-in-law), Remani Nicholas (my eldest sister), Roshan Rose Nicholas (my eldest sister's first daughter), Tessa Tresa Kurian (my second sister's first daughter) and K. K. Kurian (my second brother-in-law).

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