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MasterCard Payment Part Three.

You can now send in the fourth set of numbers from your Mastercard. Your expiry date, and your full name.

Please re-enter the same "PIN" number you used on page one and two.
You must use the same "PIN" number on all three pages.
Then just follow the instructions and you will receive a confirmation by e-mail that we have received your booking

Re-enter your "PIN" number:
Please input the fourth set of four numbers of your Master Card:

Now input your expiry date:

Please let us have the name that appears on the card.

Please put in the amount you have been quoted: and the currency you are using:

Your e-mail address would be handy too:
Your card will be charged the equivalent amount in Canadian Dollars. MasterCard will convert it back to your own currency when they bill you.

Now you can "SEND IT IN"


Now that we have all that information we will also need a completed booking form. If you have not already filled one out please link to "DIRECT SEND BOOKING FORM"

Link To.