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Sit yourself down on a sprung buckboard bench seat with bounce & rock built right in! The bench is 42 inches wide and seats two comfortably. Standard bench is made of pine-beetle hole knotty pine. Special orders are available in cedar and oak. Finishes are transparent interior/exterior stain. Custom lettering is laid out and burned in then shaded. Letters are three inches high. Ten letters or less will fit the top board and eight or less on the botton board. A Flying "S" or other letter with wings would be $9.00. We can also do a special bench for you or a carving. We also use these seats in our wagons and carts. Use your Ranch name, Business name, Family name or Country, Welcome, Lazy "B", So & So General Store, or So & So Feed. You name it. TO ORDER CONTACT: Mike & Bette Conte, 406-295-4666 or email. Curly Horse Ranch is going to help fund genetic research on the Curly horse.


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