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You have entered the dominion of all that is Mothertrucker.

Eight years ago, clawing mercilessly from the sweltering mud pits,  the mighty Mothertrucker dragged itself  forth.   Fueled by their undying hatred of corporate shlock-rock,   Mothertrucker  vows to crush commercial  wannabees,  like Gravedigger roaring atop a stack of  '71 Pintos.

With the "Anti-Gwen" as their voice,  and the Rock & Roll equivalent of  a pack of mixed nuts as their sound,   the Mothertrucker horde will lull the listener into a catatonic drool-state. 

Mothertrucker’s need for attention,   punishingly loud grooves,  and the entertainment  value of  playing live (for the band and audience alike), provide satisfaction and fuel enough for this band to thrive regardless of  any monetary gain or success,  of  which,  albeit,  there is none. 

 Armed with cab fare,  earplugs,   and the thirst for loudness,  Adina,  Billy Mortonhead,  Rifflord,   Noely Tait,  and Andy Loads will soon be asked to turn down at a club near you.  This has been the concept for almost a decade, so why stop now?  It’s all for the rock baby.

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