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Brandi stands her vigil; the cool night air caressing her soft rose tinted cheeks. Its icy kiss sending a shiver through her tired aching body. The bar closed, she has no one to keep her from this place of wanting. She has come to wait, walked the silent deserted streets to this vantagepoint at the sea's edge. She stares at the calm un-giving, non-releasing water that holds her lover from her. Eyes closed she pulls his image to her, this, the only place she can draw him from the sea.

Hesitantly she opens her eyes, trying in desperation to keep his image from fading, but longing. Longing for a ship, his ship, to break the horizon. She finds only moonbeams showering the vast expanse of open water, reflecting back to light the still night and the empty sea.

The tides rise and fall controlled by an un-seen entity, its power controlling the heart of her lover. Brandi's will gains energy each night she stands here. Her strength will conquer his other love the "Mistress of the Sea". He will be given to her, the waters shall release him, and she will use all of her inner being to make the sea relinquish its claim. She will steal his heart from the "Mistress of the Sea".

"Come home to me my sailor, come to the place of your desires, come let you passions fill me." She shouts into the chilled night air.

As she turns to leave her special place a wave rises as if to swallow her words. She feels its cool mist upon her naked shoulder, then hears words cold and daunting.

"Brandi, hear my words, listen carefully to me, he is mine, you will never win him, for I have his heart, his soul and his body. It is mine for all eternity."

Rage rising from deep inside Brandi turns to face this other lover and with all the force she holds within speaks.

"You have met your match "Mistress of the Sea" for he will come, he will be mine. You will see the true power of love and commitment. His body, his soul, his mind will be mine. Be forewarned I am the woman that will take him from you."

With her words left hanging on the night breeze Brandi turns her back and walks away. A tear forms and escapes the corner of her eye as she recalls his last spoken words to her.

"Brandi you're a fine girl, what a good wife you would be, but my life, my love and my lady is the sea"

With shaking fingers she brushes away the flood of emotion that trails its way down her cheek and whispers to herself.

"You will see sailor, you will see."


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