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Christian Fiction: Beverly Lewis

A list of Christian fiction titles by Beverly Lewis.
The Postcard Hardcover. For softcover, click here: The Postcard
A great two-book series by Beverly Lewis. As with her other series, this one is set in Amish country. (I have read this but don't have the book with me at the moment for details such as names. A young Amish woman loses her husband one of her children in an accident. From this day on, she loses her sight. She goes to live with her parents who own a Bed and Breakfast. A writer from New York comes to stay there and discovers an old Postcard in the desk in his room. The story follows his search for what this Postcard means.
The Crossroad Softcover available only.
The Sequel to "The Postcard".

******"Heritage of Lancaster County Series"******
The Shunning Hardcover. For softcover, click here: The Shunning
The first book in the Lancaster County Series set in Amish country. I haven't read this series yet, but do plan to when I get a chance.:)
Confession Hardcover. For softcover, click: The Confession
The second book in this series.
Reckoning Softcover available only.
The third book in the series.
The Heritage of Lancaster County:The Shunning, The Confession & The Reckoning No image available. Hardcover only.
The anthology of the three books in this series.

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