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Our Singleton Family

My ancestor, Ann Maria Singleton, was born in Sydney Cove in 1793, the daughter of William Singleton and Hannah nee Parkinson. It was a moving experience, to go to present day Circular Quay and The Rocks and gaze around the modern and busy setting, trying to imagine just what life would have been like for the newly arrived Singleton family in 1792.

William Singleton had come from Cheshire in England, and in adulthood, to Australia as a convict on the "Pitt", upon which vessel his wife Hannah had come as a free woman, with her sons Benjamin and Joseph. An older son, James, remained in England, and it was not until 1809 that James sailed to Australia on the "Aeolus" to be reunited with his parents.

So much has been written about the Singleton family that it would be presumptuous of me to try and improve on what has already been documented. Therefore, we have provided links to pages belonging to more experienced researchers who are connected to the Singleton family, whilst limiting this page to Ann Maria Singleton and her line of descent.

It is inevitable that this will not be a full history of Ann Maria's descendants, and for that reason, we would be delighted to hear from other members of this extensive family.

I am particularly grateful to Mary-Anne Cashman, Roma Waldron, Maureen Scutts and John & Marion Mansley who have been wonderfully generous with their information on the Singleton family and the Clark family into which Ann Maria Singleton married in 1810.

Our Singleton cousin, Mary-Anne Cashman, has a wonderful web site with excellent Singleton information, so rather than try and duplicate that information, we would re-direct you to MARY-ANNE'S GENEALOGY PAGE

Mary-Anne also has information on William Singleton's trial on her CONVICTS PAGE.

Our cousin Roma Waldron, descended from Ann Maria Singleton and William Clark's son Samuel, tells the Clark story wonderfully well from this point, so we have linked here to her CLARK/E PAGE.

< Maureen Scutts, descendant of Hannah Singleton, has an excellent web site: check out MAUREEN'S HOME PAGE.

Dot Clayworth is another Singleton family researcher who has provided, through the Singleton Family History Society site, a number of pages of most interesting information on these families. Here are two links to those pages.

Ann Maria Singleton

Ann Maria Singleton, having married convict William Clark, gave him seven children: William, Alice, John, Joseph, Rosannah, Susannah and Samuel.

Our line is descended through Ann Maria and William Clark's son William, who married Catherine McAlpin, and the following information will relate to Catherine and William's children and their descendants.

Catherine McAlpin & William Clark

William and Catherine were married 16th June 1832 at Richmond, NSW. Their issue:

For information on Charles Clark & Ann Roser, go to CHARLES CLARK'S HISTORY

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