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Our Osborne Family

Special thanks to Malcolm Sainty, descendant of William Osborne, who researched the Osborne family from their early years in Sussex. Thanks also to Joanna Hartley, our new cousin in Scotland, who generously shared all her research on Susannah Osborne, sister of William and Samuel Osborne, and to Gina Wheeler, descendant of William Osborne's daughter Hannah.. My cousin Rod Kennedy also gave valuable assistance with the Osborne family research. We would be delighted to hear from anyone who is descended from Samuel, William, Elizabeth and Susannah Osborne, all children of Henry Osborne and Mary Buss.

SAMUEL OSBORNE was born in Sussex, ENGLAND, the son of Henry OSBORNE and Mary nee BUSS, 14th December, 1815. He came to Australia in 1839 with his brother WILLIAM OSBORNE and his wife JANE nee CAPLIN and their children and for a time SAMUEL lived at the Field of Mars in Sydney with William and his family.

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Rebecca Osborne and Frank Asher

Living conditions in Samuel and William's native place, Robertsbridge in Sussex in 1838 were spartan, with poverty and lack of work. The journey to an unknown land, however daunting, would have offered an opportunity for a new beginning and hope for better conditions for themselves and their dependants.

The journey to Australia was not without incident! Our Osborne family sailed from Gravesend on 20th October 1838 in the "Juliana". The ship was wrecked at Green's Point, Table Bay, Cape of Good Hope on 19th January, 1839, as it was attempting to enter Table Bay where it ran aground. Everybody waded ashore and there was no loss of life. The captain was charged with being drunk at the time. All who had travelled on the "Juliana" were transferred to the "Morayshire" and the "Mary May" which were chartered to take passengers on to New South Wales.

Our Osborne family travelled in the "Morayshire" which arrived in Sydney on 20th May, 1839...a total of 212 days, or seven and a half months journey, from the time they left Gravesend. We complain of jetlag!!!!

We do not know much about Samuel from the time he arrived in Australia until he married ANN McGREGOR on 14th October, 1847, at Sidney Park near Raymond Terrace, NSW. Records show that he was engaged by a Mr Statham when he first arrived in this country, and also documentation shows he was living in his brother's house at Field of Mars in 1841 and was working in mechanics.

Samuel's wife, Ann McGregor, was the daughter of John McGregor and Elizabeth Andrew, and had come out with her parents from Scotland. She and Samuel soon established a family of five: Elijah, 1850-1934, Dougald 1852-1943, Rebecca 1854-1944, Elizabeth 1848-1850, who died at 14 months, and Mary, who also died in infancy in 1857.

Further tragedy was to strike this pioneering family, as Ann succumbed to typhoid in 1857, leaving Samuel with four children under seven years of age. Nothing is known of our family from 1857, when baby Mary Osborne died until Samuel married again in 1867 at Grafton.

His new bride was Hannah Bailey, the daughter of Thomas Bailey and Sophia nee Proudfoot, who had also come out from Sussex and could well have known the Osborne family in their homeland. Two sons were born of this marriage, Samuel Arthur Osborne and John Bunyan Osborne: of the latter we know little, apart from family information that he died in Western Australia.

Samuel Osborne & Ann McGregor's children

Further details of Rebecca and Frank's issue may be found on the ASHER FAMILY page.

Samuel Osborne and Hannah Bailey's children