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Where do we start? I was born in Merriwa on 8th October, 1949 to Jack Osborne Clark and Barbara Joyce Lawler, an only child. My parents did the very best for me that they could, but circumstances were such that the end result was that my childhood, for the most part, was far from happy. It has been a healing process for me, to discover my family heritage, and in the process of doing so, have been given a deeper insight into why certain things happened the way they did.

For example, my husband's first marriage ended in divorce. When doing his family tree, we found the previous SEVEN generations had broken marriages!

Merriwa was, and still is, a small country town so at age sixteen I left school and worked in Sydney as a nursing assistant and a mother's helper, coming back to Merriwa for three years to work as a groom with polo ponies, a most enjoyable if somewhat challenging experience as I had to learn to ride after accepting the position! A further two years were most enjoyably spent, living in Mackay, Qld, and six months in Bundaberg, before returning to work in Sydney.

During 1970, whilst living in Sydney, I fulfilled a long-postponed desire to own and breed dairy goats and subsequently exhibited them at Sydney shows, including Sydney Royal. It was at this time that I contacted Colin Hendry, a prominent goat breeder living in Parkes, with the view of purchasing stock from his goat stud. Correspondence blossomed between us for the next six years and subsequently we were married in 1978 and made our home in Forbes, where we currently live. I never did get the goat!

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