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Our Farr Family

Special thanks to other family members Colin Farr and Ken and Daphni Colgrave (nee Farr), who provided me generously with numerous primary resources; also thanks to Christine Stait, Valerie Apps, Kay Farr and Sue Phelan for their help and support; lastly to my husband Colin, who has cheerfully endured sub-standard housekeeping for many months!

Our ancestor in this country is CHARLES FARR, who was born in Britain circa 1826 to Edward Farr and Ann Probert. Although we know that Edward and Ann were married at Glasbury, Brecon, in Wales in 1824, we have not yet found a birth date or place for our elusive Charles. Edward and Ann Farr had two other children that we know of -EDWARD PROBERT FARR bap. 1825 and MARY ANNE FARR bap. 1826, both born in Worcester. Edward Farr declared he was of St. Nicholas,in the City of Worcester, on his marriage certificate to Ann Probert. See also PROBERT HISTORY.

It is an established fact that no family history is ever entirely complete and finished...that certainly applies to the Farr family history! We do know, that Charles himself declares his birthplace to be England. That would be a wonderful help, except that on one certificate he deemed his birth place to be Worcester, whilst on several others, he declared it to be London.

Earnest perusal of the IGI shows a number of Farrs in both Brecon and Worcester, and also in the Hereford area in between. It is interesting to note that Probert surnames are also plentiful in these same areas. We find Proberts marrying Farrs in several instances: indeed, our research for the marriage of our Edward Probert and Mary, the parents of Ann, shows Mary's maiden name to be Mary Farr, daughter of Edward Farr & Elizabeth.

On to Charles and his life in Australia. How did he get here? We are not sure, but somehow, he managed it. We find our Charles in 1853 in Mudgee, where he takes for his bride, the 14 year old Jane Clayton, who had come from Rosedale, Yorkshire in 1840 with her parents, Roger Clayton and Mary, nee Mellor.

Roger and Mary Clayton and daughter Jane arrived in Australia as assisted immigrants aboard the ship "Clyde" on 21st April, 1840. Roger was a labourer and Mary a cloth finisher, but it was as mother of a large family that Mary's occupation was to become whilst Roger worked as a shepherd. The children of Roger & Mary were: Jane, Betty, Mary, Roger, Hannah, Samuel, Sarah, Joseph, Elizabeth, Ellen, Edmund and two others whose names are not known to us.

Jane was born in Yorkshire on 6th January, 1839, and was married to Charles Farr on 14th July, 1853 at Mudgee. Jane carried on the tradition of a large family, producing ten sons and three daughters. Their issue is detailed as follows:

Roger Farr and Caroline Johnson

Roger Farr married Caroline Mary Jane Johnson at Molong in 1880. Caroline was the daughter of Henry Johnson and Mary Jane Williams. Henry Johnson was born in Ross, Tasmania in 1830, the son of Samuel Johnson and Mary nee West. Henry's wife, Mary Williams, born 25th August, 1837 at Wentworth Falls, NSW, was the daughter of Thomas Williams and Catherine Doran.

Roger Farr's wife, Caroline, was born at Boree in 1864 and died in 1924. Roger remarried in 1927 at Wellington, to Ethel Morel. Roger died in 1928 and both he and Caroline are buried in the Salvation Army cemetery at Wellington, NSW.

Issue of Roger and Caroline: