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Is God Real?

Isn't this something that we all ponder, during our life? Is God real? Is the Bible true? Can I believe it? Here is what happened to me..

Our family was one of those divided ones in a time when it was really serious for a Catholic to marry a Protestant, and so my father used to take me up the mountain and hide from the priest whenever he came to visit! There was so little spiritual instruction in my life that I knew very little about God, but amongst all the unhappiness during my childhood, at about nine to eleven years of age, just sensed he was there, and became my constant companion, and would tell him all my troubles. He and the cats were my friends!

For the next thirty years, I went my own way and got into many a mess, but during all that time, continued to talk to God like he was my friend. I tried to read the Bible but got bogged down in all the "begats" and gave up after the first page or two!

By the time Col came on the scene, life was a MESS. We married and the first ten years were very happy, but inside I was still wounded and hurting from all that had happened in the the extent that it was effecting my physical and emotional health and I had become addicted to prescription drugs...then, one day, just felt led to go to church.

Now, you realise, I knew nothing about Jesus...knew he was God's son that died...actually used to feel sorry for God that his son died, and sometimes wondered why he just didn't have another one!!!

Anyway, went to this church and someone invited me to a little house group where they nurtured me and told me that Jesus had paid the price for all that I had done, and all I had to do was ask him to forgive me and give him my old messed-up life and that he would give me his life in return. It sure didn't seem much of a bargain on his side!!!

About three months later {my mother had died in Sydney in the interim as the result of cancer and I'd been there with her] I went to a convention here in Forbes and they called out everyone who wanted to ask Jesus to forgive their sins and come into their lives, and to be filled with the Holy Spirit, and I went out.

Up until then it had been a five year struggle..doctors try and get off the drugs...and as for the weight loss, had lost about 800 know, one off and two on, two off and three on...sound familiar?

Anyway, after making my committment and giving Jesus my old life, it was just amazing....... I can explain it better in computer terms...imagine you had Win 3.1 and you graded up to Win are still the same computer, but the old operating system that was full of bugs and didn't work right and had no power to do what you wanted it to do, is now changed into this super inner system that does WAY beyond what you expect, and so EASILY...

I came home that night and never wanted another drug, the weight just fell off, I started to feel love inside and not anger and hatred, started relating to people, started to get out of debt, and had such PEACE in my life. I was just so Operating System, see..?

People that knew me before, would say, "You are so different"..some of them, even said, "I don't know what it is, but I want it, too!" [ God has SUCH a sense of humour; one of them was my godmother, who was supposed to nuture ME in faith!!]

Well, there it is. The good news is, what he has done for me, he is more than willing to do for you, if you ask him!

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