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The World's Greatest Dogs!!!


First I would like to Thank you for dropping by to visit us!

This page is dedicated to my puppy Taz, the greatest puppy in the entire world! (We all probably say the same line about our pets). Taz, the son of Tazzy (mother) and Spunk (father) was born on May 20, 1998. Taz, unlike his mother and father, who are both brown and white in color, turned out to be a beautiful tri-color (black, white, and brown) smooth coat JRT with short legs! (I still love him regardless of his leg size and body spots :o). He also has a black patch on his back which we refer to as his saddle because it looks like he has a saddle on.

To be honest with you, when I was looking for a puppy I didn't know much about JRT's, all I knew was that they were smart and I wanted one! I didn't know about their breed standards or how to select a puppy, overall, I didn't do any research before hand. I only went to see two breeders, when I went to the first one, none of the puppies ran to me or seemed interested. The second breeder I went to, only had Taz left. When I saw Taz I knew right away that he was coming home with me! He ran up to me and right there and then, he had to be mine! Taz was showing off all his little tricks to me and I loved how he was so fearless, nothing stopped him from doing what he wanted to. I only read books on JRT's after I bought Taz, and I still have no regrets, he might not be a pedigree, or a show dog and he'll probably never become a police dog, but he's my dog. I told myself when I was looking for a JRT that when I find the one that "connects" with me, that's it, my hunt is over. I guess it all depends on your purpose of buying a dog, in my case, Taz is pure companion! I love my dog for who he is not how he looks (even though he's really cute! ha!ha!ha!). I just think that all dogs are great, and cats, well animals in general.
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Jack Russell Terriers, a hunting dog full of energy! It's hard to resist this cute bundle of joy; however, owning one is not as easy as you would think. This particular breed of dogs tend to be very hyper and full of curiosity, constantly wandering around where you are. If you were planning on buying one, I would suggest you take time to think because JRT's need tons of attention and exercise. Here, I hope to provide you with all the information you will need on JRT's.

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