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Dessert Party!

one for you, two for me
one for you two more for me,
I want, chocolate chocolate chocolate!!!
But NO chocolate Rabbits!

Okay, now we can have fun! I love to make desserts as well as eat them.
Here are some selections and depending on the number of people invited,
you can add more desserts as required. ..Schmitty

Dessert Menu #1

Serve Coffee and Tea, and perhaps a punch:
White Ginger Punch or Frosty Sugar Free Punch

I would choose at least two pies, (note some recipes make two pies).
Choosing two of each type of dessert makes for a nice table.
Strawberry Daiquiri Pie  or Freezer Peach Pie or Easy Creamy Pies

Choose two of the following cakes:
If choosing Sheet cake, one cake may be all that is necessary.
Chocolate Carrot Cake or Pumpkin Sheet Cake or
Black Bottom Raspberry Cheesecake

A fruit dessert is always a good choice.
Fruit Salad in Watermelon or Fruit Kabobs
or Chocolate Fondue
Serve fondue with strawberries and pound cake cubes

Choose a several cookies or bars to place on trays:
Banana Bars or Butter Tart Bars or Apple Pie Bars

TIP: Cut the pieces of cake, pie etc. smaller than normal.
TIP: Allow 3 pieces per person, along with some smaller than normal cookies and bars.
If you have small servings, people will feel comfortable tasting several items.
TIP: Trays are nice when the cookies are set individually or placed in paper muffin cups,
instead of stacked.
TIP: Be sure to have plates and utensils by each section.
TIP: A pretty presentation is to have paper doilies under the desserts.

Dessert Menu #2

Strawberry Bavarian Torte
Bailey's Irish Cream Cheesecake
Pineapple Boats

fudge cups
lemon bars
White Chocolate Brownies
Butter Pecan Turtle Bars

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