Decorating and setting up the Hall - Wedding for 125
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Tips:  Be Prepared ahead of time!


Here's how our hall decorating and set up progressed.

The start - not an encouraging sight!

The wedding was held in a city owned heritage building, one that was originally on old
 packing house.  It is old and rustic, with open wooden beams, several big windows and
 the original brick walls.  When we got there the floor was very dirty and dusty.  
The first chore became using a mop and a bucket over hundreds of square feet. 
 Not a nice surprise.  Luckily we started at 8:30 in the morning.  We had a crew of
 friends and relatives as volunteers, including aunts, uncles, grandmothers 
and parents of the bride and groom, about 10-12 altogether.



It doesn't hurt to have a few tools handy, screw driver, push pins, hammer and nails.  
The decorating begins! Silver sprayed "trees" were placed on posts.  The trees had been made ahead of time, using a waste basket base, filled with dirt inside a plastic bag and then a multitude of bare branches added, next everything was sprayed silver; then later strung with mini lights.  
These were awesome and so simple.  



Once the mopping was out of the way, we hauled out the tables, and started to cover them with wonderful cloth-like paper table cloths purchased from Costco.  They were an excellent product.   The tables were arranged like spokes on a wheel with the head table as the hub.  This allowed the guests the best line of view. Others started  putting out yards and yard of tulle according to plans.


Things progressed nicely.  The tables were finished, the forks and knives had been
 pre wrapped in in napkins and tied with silver ribbons, a floating candle in a bowl was
 placed on each table along with tea lights just open in their little metal containers
  (this proved extremely dangerous, see note below **) and heart shaped confetti in the
 brides colors was sprinkled down the center of each table.  The table flavors 
(bundles of Hershey kisses tied in tulle) were also placed accordingly.

NOTE:  **There was a FIRE due to the open flame tea lights on one of the tables
 during the reception.  One of the napkins caught fire and flamed up the size of a
 football.  Thankfully someone doused it with the water that was in the floating candle
 container. We were so very lucky, without the water, all the things on the table were
 paper and there was nothing handy to use to smother the flames.  The fire wasn't
 smoldering but burning wildly. I would highly recommend that all candles 
should be floating ones. 

We covered a rope railing with tulle and lights.


The bar was set up with rented glasses and yards of fabric were draped on the walls
 and over the window behind the head table.


 There were no flowers other than those carried by the wedding party.

What a transformation!  All that work was worth it.

We set up the buffet tables, in the lower area to the right of this photo,
which was adjacent to the kitchen.


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