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eternal flame - the latest!

Human Nature have just released their latest offering off the album, "Counting Down", their own remake of the Bangle's classic, "Eternal Flame".

The single also features a multimedia component of the video clip, two new releases - "She's So Gone" (written by Mike and Andrew), "Breaking Me Down" (written by Andrew, Mike and Andrew Klippel), and a disco remix of the song "Don't Cry". You can also check out the cover, by scrolling down :o)

Here at HNH2000, you have the opportunity to "try before you buy"! Click on the appropriate song title to hear an exclusive snippet! And trust me, you WONT want to miss out - "She's So Gone" is an absolute highlight.


Eternal Flame

She's So Gone (excerpt 1)

She's So Gone (excerpt 2)
listen out for toby in this one!

Breaking Me Down

my own scan of the single - sticker and all! :oř human nature's lustiest cover yet!


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