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Welcome to Happy Crack

W*A*R*N*I*N*G~~~stupid, pointless quotes ahead E-mail me and ill put your stupid quote on my list

These links are the best! Trust me

ALL about ME
Britt's Page - its this great thing!
DJ's Page
Epitaph Punk Rock Records
Half Pint~ a local band
Matt's page
Dane and Matt's page
The 99 Warped Tour
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hey everyone look at me im a computer nerd!! Woo Hoo I'm working on this site so come back often I'll be adding new things I'd like to thank Bobbi for helping me with the name you're the best and I'd like to thank Tiff for most of my quotes!

My monkey has a first name its H*O*M*E*R My monkey has a second name its H*O*M*E*R

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