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Links to more information about ferns and treeferns

Tree fern information seems awfully tough to come by on the web (which is part of the reason I made this page).  But here are some of the links I have found to other web pages containing information about treeferns of some form or another.

American Fern Society
Los Angeles International Fern Society
British Pteridological Society
The Fern Society of Victoria

Ferns of the Canberra Region
General New Zealand Fern Information

The Fern House, UK - NEW, highly recommended!
Keith's Fern Pages
Tree Ferns in Hawaii
Rod Hill's Treefern Page

New Zealand Gardens Online

Treefern internet discussion group
Treeferns are often the subject of discussion at The UK Oasis

"Keith's Way" to growing ferns from spore
Raising Ferns from Spores by Brian Aikins
Growing Ferns from Spore (ANBG)

Tree Fern Sources

International dealers and Exporters from Australia and New Zealand

United States sources - Unfortunately many rare species remain unavailable in the United States. European Sources - It is somewhat easier for Europeans to get hold of tree ferns. Spore sources - an increasing number of seed companies are beginning to offer spore.