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About growing palms and exotics in various parts of the world:

Other general information about cultivation of palms and exotics: International Palm Society
Southeastern Palm and Exotic Plant Society

And, as a Northwesterner, I feel compelled to promote the. . . (drumroll please). . . .

. . .an organization promoting cultivation of palms and exotics in Washington, Oregon, and British Columbia.  They also have members from other parts of the world with similarly cool climates and publish a quarterly journal about their endeavors called Hardy Palm International.

There are also other palm society chapters that cover a good part of the world--have a look!

Palm photos:

Those of you who have already traveled the hardy palm homepages have probably seen most of these before, but that doesn't stop me from including some of the best palm photo links. Tell me if you know of any others.


Messageboards provide an excellent source of information because they allow you to directly hear the experience of other individuals.  I have personally found them an indespensable tool for suggestions, referrals, and all kinds of enlightening advice I don't know where I would be without.  If you have a question about something relating to hardy palms or other exotic plants, post it on the board--just be sure to come back soon after you post your message (within 10 days, to be safe) or your answer will be pushed off the bottom!

To my knowledge, all of these boards are HTML enabled.

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