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Chamaerops humilis is a modest sized fan palm native to southern Europe and north Africa.  It is common throughout the Mediterranean area and in many other parts of the world.  It is a very variable palm and is usually multi-trunked but may also be single trunked.  It has proven hardy in urban areas of the Northwest and near the water, although it grows very slowly with the relatively cool summers west of the Cascades.  C. humilis var. cerifera, a smaller form from Morocco that develops striking silvery leaves with age, is likely to be even hardier and seems more resistant to cold and wet conditions.  It should be tried anywhere west of the Cascades.

Chamaerops is succeptible to center spear loss and should be treated with a copper fungicide as a preventative in winter and spring when there is any doubt as to its survival.  It seems to have greater cold-hardiness in climates with hotter summers.  It would also be worth attempting in milder places east of the Cascades.